Thursday 27 March 2008

Your help is needed to save our Pools!

From the Save Keele Pool blog:

A new development in the fight to save our pool:
The city was scheduled to begin decommissioning up to 35 neighbourhood swimming pools this June. However, it was recently revealed that Beaches-East York Councillor Janet Davis was able to find alternative funding to save two pools in her ward at G.A. Brown and S.H. Armstrong public schools.

The question:
What does Councillor Davis know that our own Councillor Bill Saundercook doesn't?
And why isn't he out there finding out?
What can you do?

Toronto City Council is meeting next Monday, March 31st. On the agenda is a Budget Committee recommendation to Executive and Council to have the 2008 Budget include funding for G.A. Brown and S.H. Armstrong pools.

Your help is needed to write letters, faxes or emails to urge Councillor Saundercook to follow Councillor Davis' lead and save our pool as she is with those in her ward. In fact, this does not apply to just our ward. If you're elsewhere in the city where there's a pool slated to close due to lack of city funding, use the below table to find your councillor and write to them as well.

What to write:
To make it easy, two sample letters are available as guides. You can copy them verbatim (personalized with your information) or just use them as reference for your own letter. However, it's important that this be done before this Friday.

See the link below for more information and sample letters:

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