Sunday 13 April 2008

Eco Team's "Save the Oak Tree" Bake Sale a Big Success!

Wow! the Eco Team kids raised $175.45 in their campaign to help the majestic oak tree that shades the Woodington playground. Congratulations to the kids and thanks to Ms Hale and all the fabulous bakers!

Liza Ordubegian,the Garden Mum, says, "the tree in question is under stress, as it loses small branches frequently, leaves look a bit droopy and fall before times.This stress is likely due to the following:

1. being surrounded by mostly asphalt;
2. when the playground was reconstructed, the box was built around the tree - and likely the soil was built up around the trunk - not good for the tree;
3. the little kids like to walk around and around the trunk, thereby compacting what little soil is there - great for the kids, not so good for the tree;
4. the dense canopy of the tree also does not allow much rain to reach this small area of soil - also not good.

What needs to be done is likely removing the box and providing open ground around it so that the tree can access water, a good pruning of dead and weak branches, possibly cabling if there are splits between the trunk and the main branches, and a good feeding."

Bruce Day from the TDSB will be coming to check on the tree and LEAF's arborist will be including a visit to our tree as part of their "Tree Tour" on May 25th.

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