Wednesday 15 January 2014

Me to We Holiday Craft Sale Success!

On Thursday December 13th, the Me to We club held a holiday craft sale. Proceeds raised from the sale will be donated to Free the Children’s Adopt a Village program, specifically to a village in Haiti. Me to We club members chose to donate the funds to the healthcare pillar which supports: the delivery and distribution of medical equipment and supplies, health education and training, a community radio health program, and playgrounds. Me to We believes that if communities receive support to establish five strong pillars (education, clean water and sanitation, health care, alternative income, and agriculture and food security), they will be on the road to building self-sufficiency and the need for charity will decrease over time.

Many classes participated, creating ornaments, coasters, bookmarks, wreaths, cards, gift bags, paintings, and giant snowflakes. We were so happy to see many families stopping by before or after the holiday concert to support the cause. We are very proud to report that the sale was a huge success! With your generosity, we were able to raise $846.35!

The painting completed by the students in Ms. Deda’s class was part of a raffle draw. The lucky winner was Angus in Ms. Themelis & Ms. Viens’ class.

Thank you to the students in the following classes for their support:
-       Mrs. David & Ms. Blakely – kindergarten
-       Ms. Themelis & Ms. Viens – kindergarten
-       Ms. Marois & Ms. Philips – kindergarten
-       Ms. Loubier – Grade 1
-       Ms. Deda – Grade 1
-       Ms. Henry – Grade 1
-       Mrs. Wren – Grade 2
-       Ms. Brown – Grade 1/2
-       Ms. Gerencser – Grade 2/3
-       Ms. Butler – Grade 4
-       Ms. Kostro – Grade 5/6
-       Ms. Dafoe & Ms. Ioannou – ISP
-       Ms. Swire – Grade 8

A special thank you to Ms. Tirkos for her ongoing support with Me to We.  Thank you everyone for your generous support with this event and cause.

Me to We Club

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