Thursday 20 February 2014

Guest Speaker Visits the EB ECO Club!

The ECO Club had a very special guest speaker visit at our latest ECO club meeting on Feb. 19th. Our guest speaker, Myrica, taught us many things about our environment. She spoke about water and different ways to save water. Myrica also told us some important information about water treatment systems. We had the chance to taste test different types of water and also to become mini water testers. Did you know that water can have different acidity levels?

Myrica had a discussion with our ECO Club about recycling, reducing, and reusing. She gave us the challenge to sort different materials into recycling, garbage, compost, and hazardous waste categories.

Myrica, also shared information with us about how items (like cans) are recycled and the energy required to recycle.

We think the highlight of her presentation was when she showed us a cockroach and explained their role in composting!

The Earl Beatty Eco Club wants to say a BIG thank you to Myrica for taking the time to come and visit us. We really learned a lot and enjoyed her experiments and presentation!!

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