Thursday 15 November 2012

Special Education Inclusion Town Hall Meetings

While the Special Education Inclusion Town Hall Meetings have now wrapped up, parents/caregivers who were unable to attend are encouraged to email or call 416-393-9999 no later than November 22, 2012 with their response to this question:

Imagine that you and your child are in 2014.  Describe in detail what has changed from 2012 to 2014 that has contributed to achieving this vision (see below).  What new and different inclusive practices are in the classroom, in the school, and in our communities?

"To achieve excellence, we must be inclusive.  To be inclusive we must be equitable.  We have a vision that in two years, in 2014, students with varying abilities are working together, supporting each other and valuing everyone's contribution in a more inclusive environment."

from Dr. Chris Spence, Director of Education, TDSB

NB* Emails should be no longer than 2 pages; phone messages should be no longer than 2 minutes.

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