Friday 26 October 2007

Eco Team Minutes October 26, 2007, Beanies Cafe

  • ideas for getting our Eco-Teams together for events like: guerrilla planting, an eco-scavenger hunt, bike rally, FODE planting event in the spring
  • anti-idling campaign
  • ideas for waste reduction they use at their schools
  • greening fundraisers like plant sales and bake sales
  • teams (Eco Eagles, Eco Tigers)
  • Litter Bug Kits they sign out for their kids to clean up the yard
  • composting and recycling at scool

This was an extremely productive meeting that helped us get connected and hopefully foster future projects for our kids to meet each other while greening their community.

Monday 22 October 2007

EBSAC October, 2007 Minutes

See our Minutes for October Here.
Earl Beatty School Advisory Council meetings take place from 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM in the school library on the 2nd Thursday of each month. Childcare is provided. The executive addresses administrative issues such as the review and approval of the previous minutes during the first hour. The second hour is more general in nature and features the principal's report, highlights from the "executive session" and new business/follow up questions.

Wednesday 17 October 2007

Earl Beatty is a Silver Eco School:

On October 17th, 2007, a few of our Eco Team members were proud to accept a silver award at the 2007 EcoSchools Award Ceremony (click for pictures) on behalf of everyone at Earl Beatty who worked so hard to green our school last year.

Richard Christie, Program Coordinator for Ecological Literacy and Sustainable Development, gave a brief synopsis of our school's acheivements:

'This year's Fun Fair had an environmental twist with composters being set up to compost any food waste, sending a great message to the whole school community. The school took part in the 20 minute makeover in April, and did a major clean up of the Rouge Valley. 6 classes are now vermicomposting and boomerang lunches have been successfully introduced: just two of the ways the school is reducing its waste. Ecological literacy features in classroom curriculum. The Grade 4's built model homes that they insulated to save energy, another built solar ovens, and a third build vehicles powered by alternative energy sources. These students are definitely being prepared to think like eco-designers. Showings of some of 'An Inconvenient Truth'to several classes helped raise awareness even further, and outdoors a group is working hard to regenerate the school's butterfly garden. We look forward to following the progress of this ambitious new Eco School.'

Earl Beatty students got a chance to celebrate the Silver EcoSchools at the Heroes assembly in November. Our whole school community deserves praise for contributing to the award -- many classrooms did waste and energy conservation projects like vermicomposting and the parent-led team participated in events like the Community Clean Up. Earl Beatty's team is one of the most diverse in the city including representatives from administration, teachers, students, support staff, head caretakers, parents, and community representatives from Beatty Buddies and the Community Center. This year we hope to strengthen our connections between the parent-led and teacher-led groups of the Eco Team and the broader community, to continue our efforts to help the kids help the environment.