Friday 18 June 2010

What are those orange fences for? Earl Beatty's Science Experiment

What are those orange fences for? And how long will they be there? The answer lies in the hard-packed soil of Earl Beatty's slowly disappearing playing field. Despite proper installation, the small field at the back of the school couldn't take last winter's lack of snow cover and the frequent pounding of many happy feet. What to do - and should it be a replacement of the same?
The answer is, maybe not. So the test plots were born in the early morning of June 4th, 2010. The plots include different types of grass seed/sod with a protective layer underneath. The entire field is being watered in the evenings each day. The fence will help the plots get established, and will remain for four months.
Then, let the games begin! Let us see which area stands up the best to the heavy use our little field can give. We need every one’s help in recording and observing accurate results – fences need to stay until the end of September…and everyone can assist with observations throughout the Fall and then in the Spring of 2011 until June.

Thank you for your participation in this…I’m certain we all look forward to key results and answers to our disappearing field.

Ms. L. Ordubegian, Ms. Boudreau, Ms. Wallace, Ms. Laporte and Mr. Travers

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