Tuesday 23 September 2008

EBSAC September, 2008 Minutes

Read the minutes from the September 11, 2008 EBSAC Meeting here.

*Update on class organization and sizes
*Safe School Procedures
Fire/ Evacuation and Lockdown
Students with severe allergies
Playground Safety
EQAO results and implications for planning
Ontario Focused Intervention Partnership (OFIP)
Preliminary Budget information
Plant and Facilities
Election Procedures
Curriculum Night
Emergency Procedures
School Beautification (Greening)

Next meeting Tuesday, October 7th, 2008

Tuesday 16 September 2008

Honest Earl's Bargain Basement - Fall Sale Sat, October 18, 9am – 1pm

Please save the date!
With the enthusiastic support of Steve Travers and Rachelle Laporte, the Fall re-use clothing sale is a go. It would be fabulous if people could help out with the following tasks, and even a few hours of your time would be greatly appreciated. Not only will we save money by purchasing gently used clothing, but the environment benefits from energy savings, AND all of the funds raised go towards ongoing schoolyard greening / improvements. Plus it's a good time to socialize and meet other parents... with a cupcake and coffee in hand to boot!
  1. Making a donation to the sale (gently used, clean items of clothing - including Halloween costumes and winter items).
  2. Drop-off location & temporary storage of clothing donations.
  3. Advertising (putting flyers up around the neighbourhood - i.e. Kimbourne Church / East-End Drop-in, Pegasus, local schools).
  4. Organizing the Bake Sale part of the event (contact Small World, purchase coffee locally / advertising opportunity for them).
  5. Contacting local shelters to arrange for donations of unsold items (i.e. the Red Door Shelter and Massy House).
  6. Helping to move items donated to the school storage area provided.
  7. Friday afternoon (Oct. 17th) set-up for the event (Time: 1 - 4pm).
  8. Baking (for the bake sale / cafe area).
  9. Saturday (Oct. 18th) sale event (Time 8:30am - 1:00pm).
  10. Saturday Sale Clean-up (Time 1:00 - 2:30pm +/-).
  11. Take unsold clothing to local shelters (if not needed then items go to Ages and Stages - noting the Earl Beatty EcoTeam account #197, and lastly, the Goodwill).
For more information, please contact Sheryl at 416-422-3509 sherylawalsh (at) hotmail.com

Click on the photo to read about last year's very successful "Honest Earl's Bargain Basement" sale.