Friday 21 February 2014

Ms. David's Class Discovers Their Trees Are Changing!

This winter, students made some very interesting observations when they took a look at the classroom trees.
Tree One 
“Some branches are yellow at the end and the tree is getting bigger”. – Quintin 
"It looks like sticks”. – Carter
“It’s growing new skin and bark”. – Maddy

Tree Two 
“The bark is hard”. – Carter 
“ The bark is bumpy”.  – Ruby
When we asked the students why trees have bark, Grace F. replied: “To protect the tree”. We also asked our students what did they think would happen if trees didn’t have bark. Maddy said: “The trees would fall down”. Lia said “The tree would be squishy”.
Daniel extended on the idea of bark and told everyone that inside the tree there’s sap. He further explained that sap is sticky and we use it to make maple syrup.

Tree Three 
“Dandelions have something sticky inside them, maybe it’s sap”. – Jessica

“The bark on this tree is smooth”. – Daniel
When we asked the students why they thought the bark on this tree was smooth and not bumpy like the other tree, Quintin shared “Because it’s only a baby tree”.   

February Growth

“There’s lots more red branches this time on our tree. It’s growing more branches”.  – Grace F.

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