Tuesday 12 February 2008

My School Review: Thursday March 6th in the school lunchroom

Thanks to all the parents who came out to the My School Review (MSR) meeting on Thursday, February 7th. There was a wonderful energy in the room, and many great ideas will, no doubt, make a final wish list, helping take Earl Beatty in new directions. There was lots of raucous talk about the necessity for parent involvement, mindfulness toward environmental and global thinking, along with awareness and involvement in our very own neighbourhood. From making school life more fun, inclusive and welcoming to all, to reaching out to those who can support us and be supported by us, there was no topic ('cept whining) off the agenda.

There is one more scheduled opportunity to participate in the My School Review process. Come out and let us know what you'd like to see at the Earl Beatty of the future, Thursday March 6th in the school lunchroom. LUG A MUG (in an effort to "green" the coffee, tea and snacks table), and feel free to bring your children as child care will be available.

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