Wednesday 27 February 2008

School Pools Update from Sheila Carey-Meagher, Trustee for Beaches-East Y

Here is the latest on pools in our ward…

The Budget committee at City Hall today voted in favour of GA Brown and Duke of Connaught pools remaining opened for Parks and Rec programmes for the following year. The decision goes to Council for a vote next week.

Okay that battle is nearly over and is at least headed in the right direction.

The Board is holding back on the signing of an agreement with the City to fund the pools that are jointly used by both of us. There was a motion in June to close all pools – remember that we do not get provincial funding for pools at all – if the City didn’t come up with enough money to pay for all the pools all of the time.

We are in the middle of the budget process and so it is not unusual to be playing around with different scenarios. We all need to point our collective minds at the Board – the Chair and all the Trustees – to rethink the need for pools as an instructional programme and not a frill.

This is an interim response to you all who have emailed me and there will be more information coming as things unfold.

In the mean time there is a huge pool party at GA Brown on Saturday, March 1 from 1:30 hosted by Janet Davis and me. Please come and participate and make a statement of support.

Thanks and keep the pressure up…


February 25, 2008

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