Monday 26 May 2008

Earl Beatty's old Oak Tree gets a checkup from LEAF

An arborist from LEAF stopped by our school to have a look at our old oak tree in the little kids' play area on Woodington. He gave us lots of ideas for ways the Eco Team and the school can help keep the tree alive as long as possible.

Click on the photo for more pictures of our visit.

The red oak is possibly as old as the school (80 years!). The leaves seem healthy enough, but some branches are dead or dying, indicating the tree is under stress. Much of the area around the tree is paved, making it difficult for water to reach the roots which may extend from the trunk even beyond the canopy of the branches. The arborist offered many suggestions such as watering with a soaker hose during hot, dry spells in the summer, adding nutrient-rich mulch, and breaking up the soil patches between the paved areas to allow water to seep down to the roots.

Other trees in the schoolyard include a sugar maple and a Turkish filbert. They seem to be thriving and providing us with much-needed shade on the West side of the building. We are fortunate to have so many lovely trees and should do whatever we can to keep them healthy as long as possible.

The TDSB also sent Bruce Day to assess the tree and offer his recommendations. Click the Photo for more pictures.

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