Friday 12 December 2008

December 8th, 2008 Evergreen Foundation Brick Works Ground-Breaking Event

Although the majority of the Beatty Eco-school Team (BEST) were freezing their noses off at the Toronto Island School, five members, Cameron, Hannah, Shaelynn, Laura and Emma braved the cold and snow to attend the Evergreen Brickworks ground-breaking ceremony. Along for the ride, or at least providing the ride, were some of the adult members of the Greening Committee: Tara, Sheila, Kate and Liza.

After a snowy walk around the frozen pond, admiring the snow-covered meadow, the group entered the covered portion of the former brickworks. Much to everyone's delight, the Evergreen Foundation provided organic hot chocolate, coffee, cookies and tomato soup to warm us up. We sat facing the podium where the dignitaries from all levels of government, including our Mayor Miller, expressed their delight in officially opening the Evergreen Brickworks proposed development.

When the speeches concluded, the dignitaries donned their hard hats and planted 5 eastern white pines in the frozen ground. When they were done and the photos were taken, the BEST members tried their hand at planting the trees. They were so good at it, Evergreen Foundation took their photo! You can see it by clicking here:

The plan for the former brickworks includes transforming the existing buildings and building a state-of-the-art, eco-friendly environmental centre where people from across the GTA can come and learn about what they can "do" to be more eco-friendly themselves. This development follows the existing naturalizing of the area and the new organic market that operates in the summer and fall. You can find out more on the evergreen website.

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