Tuesday 31 March 2009

Workshop: What Parents Need to Know About the Video Games Kids Play

You're invited to a Riverdale School Council Workshop:
April 7/09, 7:00 – 9:00 pm
Riverdale C.I. Auditorium
1094 Gerrard St. East

Gamer Ed:
What Parents need to know about the
Video Games Kids Play

The debate about the benefits and/or curse that is video games doesn’t seem to end. Are they educational or a mindless waste of time? Do they encourage strategic reasoning or destructive, violent behavior?

Underpinning this debate is an age-old truth; we fear what we don’t understand and many parents today don’t know, understand or get gaming. Why do kids have this passionate love affair with video games? How can they invest so much of themselves in blowing up zombies, decorating an igloo or slaying trolls? How do kids get their thumbs and brains to work in tandem when they can’t seem to find their way to the laundry basket?

As parents, many of us struggle with issues like appropriate game play, game systems and appropriate titles. Or maybe we’re not even part of the conversation and have allowed our kids to parent themselves through the video game landscape.
What is a parent’s role in managing the video-gaming habits of their kids?

Join us at Riverdale Collegiate for an INCREDIBLE night of gaming education

We’ll explain the range of gaming options, review gaming platforms and rating guides, provide parenting strategies, and PLAY SOME GAMES!

This is a fabulous opportunity for parents to educate themselves on an activity that is defining a generation of kids.

- Marc Saltzman: Gaming and Technology Guru, Host of ‘Plugged in with Marc Salzman’, ‘Tech Talk’ on CFRB - Jesse Wente: Gaming and Film Critic, CBC Radio, TIFF programmer ….and the gaming talents of Riverdale students

*** Admission is Free to all students, parents, guardians and TDSB staff.

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