Tuesday 10 June 2014

ECO Club Update

Over the past 6 weeks, the Eco Club members have enjoyed several guests who have visited. One week we had Mike come in to speak about energy conservation. Students learned ways that they can make a difference, for example, turning out lights when they leave a room. Eco Club members also learned about soil, worms and composting!

Another week, Karen came in and shared her passion with us about nature and gardening. The Eco Club took a nature walk around the school and collected some nature (sticks, rocks, leaves etc) which they later used to create some beautiful art work. Karen came back another week to further teach us about gardening. The students went out to the beautiful garden to do some gardening.

The beginning of June, Blair came in to speak about solar energy. The students were captivated listening his presentation. He taught the students about the importance of solar power and different ways we can use the sun’s power for energy. Students were very excited at the end of his presentation when he passed out colouring sheets and also some sunflower seeds to plant at home!

The Eco Club members are having a great year in this club.

Mme Marois and Mrs. David

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