Wednesday 25 June 2014

Earl Beatty GSA Success!

A Special Post from Simmy Zaret, EB Teacher:

The Earl Beatty GSA (Gay Straight Alliance) came together back in October, when we set out on a mission to promote a safe, accepting, respectful, positive, and loving environment for our school.  

In our efforts to spread the word, we decided to create a "WE STAND UP FOR/WE STAND UP AGAINST" wall in our school. Students, staff, parents and guests were asked be photographed while holding up a message, to be included on our wall. Your children's photos are included among the hundreds we received. The response was phenomenal. Our wall, along with our mission statement, sends a powerful message spanning almost the entire length of our main hallway! 

As you may already know, our school will be receiving the GSA Award for our efforts this year.  We are "tickled pink", as we celebrate the positive outcome of our objective.  Our work has only just begun, and we're excited, proud, pumped, and can't wait to continue with our GSA initiative next year.

We hope you've had the chance to come and see our wall.  If you haven't, we hope you'll enjoy the attached photos. There's no doubt together we can all change the world.  Perhaps, in some small way, we already have!

Wishing you all the best, on behalf of the students in the Earl Beatty GSA, my co-leader Gordon Nore, and myself, Simmy Zaret

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