Thursday 4 October 2012

A Great Day at the Races!

Yesterday many Earl Beatty Students participated in TDSB's Track and Field day at the Beach.
Despite chilly temperature, the wind, and some rain it was a lot of fun. 

The Primaries ran 1.5 km, Juniors ran 2.0 km, and Seniors 3.0 km!

Some of the notable competitors were:
Tessa H in Grade 1 who was the first Earl Beatty runner to finish in the top 40.  
In grade 2, Maya B finished in the top 30.  
In grade 4 Aidan O , Alicja O, and Maddie B all finished in the top 30.
Spencer L and Andrew B finished in the top 60 from grade 5

The entire grade 8 class and Marianne's entire Grade 6 class participated and everybody finished the race!
Deanna R, Rachel S, and Thalia D all finished in the top 20 for Grade 8 girls.  

Congratulations to all who participated and did their best! And a big thank you to Earl Beatty teachers and parent volunteers who made this happen.

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