Wednesday 23 October 2013

Earl Beatty's Bordenball Achievements!

This year, for the first time, Earl Beatty had a Bordenball team. 

Even though it was a new sport for our school, we had an amazing and enthusiast group of girls come out to represent our community. Working hard three days a week after school, the girls came together as a team, where hard work and a positive attitude were the defining characteristic.

At the tournament the girls showed class and determination playing against teams older, bigger, and more experienced. With an attitude that couldn't be beat they fought hard and won their first game ever. Even though the other two games weren't as successful, the team showed sportsmanship that made the coaches proud and left people commenting
positively on our school and our team. 

Over all it was an excellent and successful year and we're already looking forward to 2014.
Way to go!

Halana Themelis & Neil Carroll

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