Thursday 17 October 2013

Seasonal Changes in the Earl Beatty School Yard!

Here is a post from Kindergarten teacher Ms. David on a great class project that gets her kids outdoors and learning from the natural environment at Earl Beatty!

The students in our class expressed curiosity towards the changes that are occurring in our schoolyard. We decided that we would choose a “classroom” tree and watch how it changes throughout the year.

We went outside and walked around our schoolyard looking for the perfect tree. One student reminded the class that we need to choose a tree with “soft” leaves and not “piney” leaves. She explained that “evergreen trees are always green and will not change much”.

Students finally decided they wanted to observe 3 trees in our schoolyard:

Tree One:

Tree Two:

Tree Three:

After we decided on our 3 classroom trees, the students recorded their observations on their clipboards.

Students will continue observing their three classroom trees without the year. 
We look forward to seeing how these trees change as the school year progresses!

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