Thursday 10 April 2008

EBSAC April, 2008 Minutes

Read the minutes from the April EBSAC Meeting here.


  • Review & acceptance of last meeting’s minutes including Action Items

  • Follow up on outstanding action items

    • Parent wish list

Treasurer’s report

New Items

  • Final decision on paint of doors

  • Follow up on spending of Fun Fair funds and fans

  • By-law amendments

  • Principal and Vice principal Criteria

  • Change of policy for Grade 7 and 8 use of school yard

Principals Report:

  • Laurie Reid to provide a succinct overview of recent school activities and issues

  • Safe school update from Neil

Presentation from 54 Divison

Open Items/Group Discussion/New Business

  • Report from Eco-Team

  • Parent committee

  • Community Center

  • Funfair

  • New Business

Wrap up & outstanding issues

  • Receipt of items for next council meeting

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