Sunday 27 April 2008


Save Toronto Pools Rally - May 1st 4:15-6:15 pm at Queen's Park (front lawn)

If you can swim, or you ever want to learn to swim, this rally is for you! YOUR help is needed to save Toronto pools for all the citizens of this city. Keep them open so all children can learn to swim and stay safe, youth can train and compete, and adults can stay fit and healthy. Come out to show our elected officials that this is an important issue for the people of Toronto! We want the Province, City, and TDSB to work together to find a sustainablelong-term solution.

Make the rally a fun event with friends and family. Make signs. Wear your swim suit, bathing cap, and goggles. Bring your life jacket and waterwings. Wear your swim team track suit!!! Please do what you can to attend and make a difference. Come after school, leave work a bit early, bring the kids, grandparents, everyone and anyone.The more of us there are, the more we'll make a difference.

Be sure to bring your signed petition, or sign one when you are If you plan on attending, let the organizers know the numbers by e-mailing Visit

Some things to remember...

*This is a peaceful, family-friendly demonstration, so please respect the rules for demonstrating at Queen's Park.
*Please stay on the front lawn of Queen's Park. Do not demonstrate on driveways or the steps of Queen's Park.
*Please do not enter Queen's Park.
*Please hold signs. Do not post them on monuments or pierce the lawn with signs on stakes.· *Please do not enter Queen's Park to use washrooms. Instead go to neighbouring buildings.
*Please take the TTC to the Queen's Park stop, as parking is limited in the area.

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