Monday 7 April 2008

Action urgently needed to Save Our Pools!

Please circulate to your community:

  1. Decide which people in your group/area are doing a deputation on April 10th TDSB meeting and get in by or before Monday morning April 7th. All you need to do to submit the deputation request with title of your deputation and address it to Board Communications and Call David Tomczak at 416 3973288 or email or fax: 416 393-9969. To ensure we get as many people heard as possible, please ensure your speech is brief and to the point (I’d try and limit it to 1 minute – time yourself).
  2. Please come at 6 pm to 5050 Yonge Street on Thursday April 10th to rally outside and to ensure we are all inside the meeting before 6:30 pm when it starts.
  3. Every school needs to be involved where you have a pool at risk or not because its about a bigger funding issue - FUNDING FORMULA MUST ADDRESS UNIQUE EDUCATION CONDITIONS OF THE GTA. Every school is affected. All students and all parents, please please please come!!! Rally your school to come now! As well, all other special groups like TSC and the Masters program need to come out so we can demonstrate the health and fitness and sport issues demonstrating the fact that the pools are being used by the community outside of the school.
  4. Please come out to the Mock Funeral at Malvern Collegiate on Tuesday April 8that 4 pm. We will have CTV there. The kids are getting the drama department involved and I think it will be out of this world amazing. The more people we have there from other communities the better. It is so important to show that this is a City issue and that we all support each other because we careabout our education system and physical activity and sports. The address is 55 Malvern Avenue (416 393 1480 – ask for Molly or Cori and say its re Mock Funeral). Malvern runs north from Kingston Road just east of Main (west of Victoria Park). There is lots of parking in the lot and around on thestreets. If you are coming on TTC, go to Main Subway Station on the East Line, take the bus south to Kingston Road and then either walk east toMalvern or take the street car (I’d recommend walking as its not that far). Its really easy to get to and if you are not from the beach area, please make an evening of it and go for a walk on the Boardwalk after and perhaps have a bite to eat. If it’s a nice day, it’s a nice getaway in the city.
  5. Please keep on sending emails and calls and visits to your Liberal MPPs (constantly). Please continue to get media involved. Please keep getting the message out there. AS A UNITED TEAM OF CONCERNED CITIZENS WE WILL BE SUCCESSFUL.

Jessica Monk

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