Thursday 23 January 2014

Petition for Woodbine Fire Station #224

A Message from Ward 31 Councillor Janet Davis

The 2014 City Budget includes reallocating one pumper truck and crew from Woodbine Fire Station #224 to a new station in Scarborough in March 2014. This would leave only one truck in our local station. Council will be voting on this at the end of the month.
I am concerned about what impact this will have on response times and safety in our community.
The Woodbine Heights Residents Association has started a petition calling for the City to hire additional staff for the new station, and leave our community with our current level of service.
The petition is online.

I will be collecting signatures at the Woodbine Subway Station and other local gathering sites this Saturday and next. If anyone is able to help gather signatures on the petition, please let me know by calling 416-392-4035 or emailing
Thanks for your help!

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