Thursday 9 January 2014

Time for a Crossing Guard?

Join the Earl Beatty community in petitioning for a crossing guard for the corner of Woodington and Woverleigh. With increased traffic around the school and the growing student population, it would be great to have this extra safety feature for Earl Beatty P.S..

Here is the procedure to request a crossing guard, as outlined by the School Crossing Guard Coordinator for 54 Division:
Requests for new Crossing Guards must go through the Office of the Chief, and must be made by the person(s) making the request.  As such, the proper course of action would be for any parent(s), to make a request either in writing, or, via e-mail. Simply outline your concerns in as much detail as possible, and that based on these concerns you are requesting that a new Crossing Guard be posted at this specific location.  The Office of the Chief will in turn direct officers from our Traffic Services Unit to conduct a survey of the area near the school.  A recommendation will be made, and the Office of the Chief will have final say.

Requests can be made:
-          In writing:  Office of the Chief – Toronto Police Service
                       40 College Street
                       Toronto, Ontario
                       M5G 2J3
-          Via e-mail:

The more requests that are logged, the stronger our case becomes, so make your voice heard. Also, please copy Earl Beatty’s Principal, Alicia Fernandez on your emails (

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